Laravel Zero utilizes Composer 2 to manage its dependencies. So, before using Laravel Zero, make sure you have Composer installed on your machine.

Via Composer Create-Project

You may install Laravel Zero by issuing the Composer create-project command in your terminal:

composer create-project --prefer-dist laravel-zero/laravel-zero movie-cli

You will then need to run the app:rename command to rename your project:

php application app:rename [movie-cli]

Via the Laravel Zero Installer (DEPRECATED)

Note: This method is deprecated, although it will continue to work.

If you would like to use the Laravel Zero installer, install it using Composer:

composer global require "laravel-zero/installer"

Make sure to place composer's system-wide vendor bin directory in your $PATH so the Laravel Zero executable can be located by your system. This directory exists in different locations based on your operating system. On macOS and GNU/Linux distributions, it's $HOME/.composer/vendor/bin.

Once installed, the laravel-zero new command will create a fresh Laravel Zero installation in the directory you specify. For instance, laravel-zero new movie-cli will create a directory named movie-cli containing a fresh Laravel Zero installation with all of Laravel Zero's dependencies already installed:

laravel-zero new movie-cli

On versions v2.5.0 and later, the command will also automatically rename your app.