Create a logo

Using the app:install Artisan command you can install the logo component:

php <your-app-name> app:install logo

Just after installation, if you run php <your-app-name> your application will contain a ASCII logo:

This command will install dependencies needed and publishes a config file under config/logo.php.

Using a different font

Under the hood the logo component uses the laminas/laminas-text package which renders text using fonts called "figlets".

By default Laravel Zero uses the big.flf FIGlet file by Glenn Chappell. Additional FIGlet files can be downloaded from or created using FIGlet editing software.

Once a font has been downloaded, the logo.font value can be set in the config to provide the full path to the FIGlet file.

// config/logo.php
-  'font' => \LaravelZero\Framework\Components\Logo\FigletString::DEFAULT_FONT,
+  'font' => resource_path('fonts/doom.flf'),

For more details, check out the Laminas docs on FIGlets.

Customising the logo text

By default, Laravel Zero will use the configuration value for the logo text. However, this can be overridden in the config/logo.php file.

You can change the configuration value to any other text, and this will then be used for the logo.